Greece 2016

Posted on or around August 26, 2016

My sister and her hubby decided they wanted their wedding in Halkidiki, Greece. Standing around in suits in the baking hot sun, what could be more fun? Not only that, my sister wanted me to be photographer ( Yikes! )

After my initial disapproval ( Being a Northerner, I like mild summers. In any case, I burn like a peach ). Me and the rest of the family decided we would make a holiday out of it, and stay for a full two weeks, rent a car, explore, and do a bit of photography.

I think the interest in photography had worn thin after the temperature gauge in our rent a car hit 50 degrees C. One, the thought of carrying my camera around in the baking heat didn't sound too appealing. And two, I just wanted to crawl in to the shade and cry.

Moaning out of the way, their is some wonderful scenery on the peninsula, and we even hired a quad bike to get around the mountain roads and really check out the place. But for me, it was spoilt by the heat, and I took very little photos, apart from the wedding ones of course. Perhaps next time I will visit in winter?

As mentioned I didn't take many photos, but here is a couple..


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